Fishing the Delta Paraná


Delta Fishing Day Trips

Your Delta Day Trip will begin after breakfast, with a prearranged transfer from your hotel to the marina.

After a morning fishing session and depending on where the fishing took place, lunch will be held either at the lodge or full meals can be prepared in advance and taken onboard. All drinks, alcoholic and nonalcoholic, are included for lunch.

The afternoon fishing session ends at 6 pm. Scheduled transfers return guests to hotels after fishing.

Lodge options are also available for those interested in an overnighter coupled with great dorado fishing.

Delta Fishing Trips & Lodge

For those staying overnight, appetizers and dinner are served at 8:30 p.m. and breakfast time on the following morning is pre-arranged with guests. Fishing hours will change slightly depending on the time of year.

Canoeing around the lodge area is a pleasant side activity. Bird watching is fantastic as well. Other activities include exploring the cultural life at the Delta, visiting museums, ecological reservoirs and restaurants, among others.


Delta Fishing Trips program provides anglers with highquality loaner fishing equipment.
Rods: For those anglers who prefer using their own equipment, a 9-footer, 7-weight rod is a good all-rounder for this area.
Sage makes some of the best dorado rods available. In addition to a lifetime warranty, the company engineers several high-performance options perfectly suited for fishing at the Paraná Delta.
Lines and Leaders: The lines used are warm water floating fly lines. Leaders are usually as long as the rod, finished with a piece of wire to avoid cuts. Dorado have sharp teeth. 20 and 26 lbs test American fishing wire in CAMO color is the ideal.
Fast stripping is usually the way to present your fly: cloth finger covers are useful for those who are not so used to this kind of fishing. Polarized sunglasses are very important since there might be good chances for sight casting.
Flies: We will provide you with a selection of fly patterns.

Dorado Fly Patterns

In most cases, golden dorado prefer dark streamers that produce sharp silhouettes. Nevertheless, there are situations when carrying a mixture of brighter colors can be effective. So don’t be afraid to experiment. All flies should be tied on stout 1/0 to 3/0 hooks. Streamers can be tied from 4 -to 6-inches long, or longer. However, it’s important that they’re light enough to cast. For the real big stuff, we recommend hydrophobic materials that shed water and therefore cast farther. In order to make your flies more durable, add glue or epoxy throughout the tying process if necessary.

For more details on a few of our favorite, dorado flies—including how to properly tie and fish them—follow the link.

Spinning and Baitcasting Equipment

Rods: 8-foot rods for light to medium action are recommended.
Reels: Open-face spinning reels are the easiest to use but, inexperienced hands, baitcast reels can enhance accuracy. Baitcasters should feature a high-speed retrieval ratio, as lures are normally worked rapidly. Be sure to load all casting reels with 25-30 lb line.
Leaders: Steel leaders are a must. Dorado have sharp teeth and a 5 to 10 inch, 20-30 lb test steel leader is essential.

Lures: The list is never-ending. Don’t be afraid to bring your own and experiment. There’s always a chance that the lure you bring will change our way of fishing forever.

  • Spinner baits
  • Spoons from to 1/4 to 2 oz (johnson minous and other moddels that have weed gaurd are specially recomended)
  • Weedless frog imitations
  • Rapala Gliding Rap 12
  • Rapala Super Shad Rap 14
  • Rapala C Rap 8-10 & 12
  • Rat-L-Trap, 1/4-3/4 oz
  • Rapala Husky Jerk, 3/4 oz
  • Rapala Jointed Minnow (very effective)
  • Rapala Original Floating, 3/4 oz
  • Rapala Rattlin Rap, 3/8 oz
  • Rapala Original Floating, 3/4 oz
  • Mepps Spinners, 2, 3 and 4
  • Zara Spook § Hula Poppers
  • Slugg-O Plastic Baits
  • Jigs from 1/4 to 3/4 oz
  • Wood Choppers (and basically any top water lures with propelers)
  • Note: for those how enjoy the pleasure of ultra ligth fishing the area has very good possibilities not only for dorado and tararira but for a number of interesting native species.